Favorite Healthy Eating Instagram Accounts

I’m not sure if you have noticed but this whole healthy eating hype is becoming more popular among many people my age. Not a day passes by without me seeing a post of someone who is posting a picture of their meals, workouts, followed by a million hashtags ( #healthyeating #fitlife #motivation, etc). Nothing wrong with that, I’m glad people are taking the initiative to live a better life but it seems like everyone decided to make that decision at the same time. Personally, I’m trying to eat better and exercise more but I don’t like posting it in social media unless I accomplished a fitness goal.

One day I was having dinner with a sister and she started talking about how she follows several Instagram accounts that give healthy recipe ideas.  That has helped her start cooking healthier. She showed me the account, it seemed interesting so I started following it. After that, I started following more accounts on healthy eating and I’ve been wanting to try out several recipes. Yet, time makes it more challenging to cook but below are my top 3 since their recipes are simple and delicious.

  1. College Cookin- very helpful and targeted to help college students eat healthy with a budget. They have great ideas that anyone can try for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  2. Your daily Shake- if your into smoothies this account is for you! I seriously hope to try making as many of their shake ideas. They look so delicious and healthy.
  3. Healthy Young and Happy- another great account full of delicious ideas to try at home.

I hope this helps if your interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Team M & M!!!

It is that time of the year again ASI (Associated Students Incorporated) Elections!!!

This is where candidates run to be the next president, vice president, or be a representative for their college in order to serve in the ASI Board of Directors and be able to be the voice of students. Personally, I love the organization because I have been involved in ASI since my freshman year in college. I started as a programming volunteer where I got to be part of the planning (Code Red Entertainment) process of the many events that happened on campus throughout the year. It was really fun and a great way to start my involvement in college. I did that for three years and after I decided to try something new and be part of student government. I decided to run for the board director position to represent the College of Education and I’m currently still in office.

During my programming experience, I got to meet Mariam Salameh and Marvin Hooker where I developed a personal relationship with them. I know them on a personal and professional level due to my involvement in both programming and student government. I have seen them grow to the leaders they are today. I have seen them work hard campaigning for countless hours in order to be able to represent the student body. As a member of the board, I have seen their passion and commitment for the campus and student body. I’m so proud of their accomplishments and could assure you they will accomplish way more if their given the opportunity again because they will keep on fighting for students.

I know who I am voting for on April 28 and 29th! Please, get informed.

Go like their page so you can see all they have accomplished and what they are planning to accomplish if re-elected. Below is the link:




Flor Y Canto

Come and Support!

Come and Support!

Since my freshman year I’ve been involved in Teatro Los Hijos Del Campo (sons of farmworkers) a theater group on-campus focused on doing  skits that promote political and social awareness in a humorous. The profits for these performances go to our scholarship fund dedicated to help serve graduating High School seniors and current college students. Typically, we try to have two performances per year but this year were are having just one this coming Friday. It should be a great night of poetry, music, and acting. Personally, I’ll be part of the skits so I will be practicing all week. If you want to come check out the details on the flyer.



Top 5 Sorority Moments

April marks my two year anniversary of being a member of Alpha Pi Sigma. This means I have less than two months left to enjoy my membership as an undergraduate. These two years have flown and I have enjoyed every moment. I’m going to truly miss seeing my sisters every week, rush week, socials, community service, fundraisers, and Greek life. Once I start the next chapter of my life it won’t be the same. I know the sisterhood will be everlasting but the Greek life is not. Yet, all good things come to an end so there is room for greater ones to come (that’s what I need to keep telling myself).

Below is a list of my top five sorority moments in no particular order. It was very hard to choose that I wanted to create a top 10; but I figured I would keep it short and simple.

Where my journey as a member started. Pledging with these girls was one heck of a ride. Our bond grew stronger and stronger throughout the years. I love them all.  Gamma Class <3

Where my journey as a member began, Crossover. Pledging with these girls was one heck of a ride. Our bond grew stronger and stronger and still stands strong. I love them all.
Gamma Class <3

My sisters gave me the opportunity to be the candidate for the annual Mr. and Mrs. Greek Competition. It was a memorable experience. (I find a picture with all my sisters)

My sisters gave me the opportunity to be the candidate for the annual Mr. and Mrs. Greek Competition. It was a memorable experience and it was great to receive all the support from sisters and friends.

Getting my Little. I was so happy to finally get one and be given the opportunity to guide her throughout the process and form a connection with such a beautiful and smart lady like her.

Getting my Little. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to guide her throughout the process. I’m so proud of her :)

One of the many retreats I got to experience. This is where we get to bond as a chapter and learn more about ourselves and the organization.

One of the many retreats I got to experience. This is where we got to bond as a chapter and learn more about ourselves and the organization.

Our annual banquet where we celebrate the establishment of our chapter.

Our annual banquet where we celebrate the establishment of our chapter with dinner, awards, and dancing.


Women’s Leadership Forum

With three great ladies. My sorority sister, my supervisor Carrie, and my great friend Esther.

This past Friday I had the opportunity to attend the annual Women’s Leadership Forum. My supervisor Carrie  invited me to go with her. This event is hosted by the College of Business with the purpose to empower women to become future leaders. We were provided with lunch and dessert. We were welcomed by the Dean of the College, Linda Nowak. After, President Joseph F. Sheley gave a short speech and the panel followed after. The panel consisted of four successful women who have held several high positions in different organizations such as; Gallo, Modesto Bee, and more. They were asked several questions followed by questions from the audience. One of the things that stood out to me was that they said most recent graduates won’t go straight into the field they want to. It took them several other paths in order to reach their end goal. This gave me a sense of comfort since I’m about to graduate and I’m unsure of what to do next. Also, I loved how one of the speakers said, ”Don’t be afraid of making a bad decision or taking a risk because you will learn from it.” I completely agree and will be having this as a constant reminder for my future.


It’s that time of the semester again, Midterms! Not my favorite part of the semester. I feel like they sneak up on me not that long ago we started the semester but were almost halfway there (scary, it means graduation is closer). This past week I had two! Luckily, not on the same day. One on Tuesday for my history class. I wished I had studied more but regardless, I never feel ready for my test even if I study for weeks. I think I did decent but will see.

Thursday was my American Literature midterm. I had to catch up on a lot of reading and review all the other ones. My least favorite part was trying to memorize all the titles of the short stories and their authors. I think that’s what killed me in the test because I knew the content but at times I couldn’t remember the title or the author. Well, now its the waiting game to see my grade.

This coming Monday I have my British Literature Midterm so wish me luck! I hope I do well.


On-Campus Jobs

Since my sophomore year in college I’ve been blessed with jobs on-campus and let me tell you they are the best types of jobs to have as a full-time student. I’ve worked in various departments on-campus throughout the last 3 and a half years. My first job was non-work-study in the Admissions and Outreach Department as a University Ambassador. It was a great job where I got the opportunity to learn so much about our beautiful campus. I was able to give campus tours and do early outreach events such as college fairs. This job helped me tremendously with my public speaking skills. Months after receiving that job, I was offered work-study and got hired in the Teacher Education Department.  This was beneficial because I got office experience within my field. I got to meet all the credential teachers and build a connection with them. Everyone was so nice and sweet since I was the only student assistant.

Finally, this past November, I decided to move on and take on a new job at the President’s Office. Its been a good change. I am learning different aspects of office work. I truly enjoy the working environment which makes me look forward to go to work.

Overall, if you get a chance to get an on-campus job, get it! There is many benefits, below are my top 3:

  1. Flexibility: All the supervisors I’ve had have been flexible with my school schedule. They understand I am a student and if I need to take time to study or finish something they’ll understand. If something comes up and I can’t come in the next day they are completely understanding.
  2. Weekends/ Holidays: You get weekends off since it goes by the school calendar unlike working outside campus where weekends might be the time you work the most.
  3. Networking: It helps you meet people from various walks of life who can guide you. You meet so many different professors and/or staff that can be you mentor and be willing to write you a recommendation letter.

Loss of a Fallen Lilly

“Sisterhood is the essence of all the wisdom of the ages, distilled into a single word. You cannot see sisterhood, neither can you hear it nor taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is a pat on the back, a smile of encouragement. It’s someone to share with, to celebrate your achievements.” ~ Anonymous

“Sorority sisters are the siblings God forgot to give us.” ~ Unknown

These are all quotes that are a true representation of our sisterhood. I can say that I have joined the sorority that best fits me and has shown me what sisterhood is.  On Thursday, February  21, 2014 sisterhood was shown at its best when we received the news of the loss of one of our sorority sisters from our Pi chapter in Eastern Washington. I didn’t personally know her and many other sisters didn’t know her either but our bond is strong that we all felt the loss in our own way. As sisters, we started coming together every chapter showed its support to the rest of the sisters and their families. It is unfortunate to have lost a sister at such a young age. Out of the 23 years of our organization’s existence she is the first one to have passed away. She will be added to our Omega chapter who will be dedicated to all the sisters that pass away.

I know the loss of someone is painful because of personal experience and seeing our organization come together has been beautiful. I know its not going to heal her family’s loss but I know showing our support will help her family get through it. Due to this we have set up a donation link to help her family with the expenses. Below is the link to the article with the details and the donation link. Any bit helps. Thanks



Donation Link


OTB <3

Valentine’s Weekend

Everyone has mixed feelings about Valentine’s day.  Some hate it, love it, or really don’t care. I’ve never had a Valentine but I always enjoyed the holiday because at least I have friends to celebrate it. In elementary school, I loved it because we would have a small party and give our classmates Valentine cards. Now, that I’m older I miss those days but I celebrate it differently. This year my sorority sisters and I decided to make this day well worth it and decided to go to a concert. Banda el Recodo is a popular Mexican Band that has been around for years. I grew up listening to them so I was really excited. The concert was in Visalia. On our way we stopped in Fresno to eat and headed to the concert. By the end of the night I was tired of screaming, singing, and dancing.

The next day, we had a sorority fundraiser. Our advisor is involved in an organization and every year they host a crab feed to fundraise money for scholarships. Typically, we volunteer each year and everything we get for tips we get to keep and use for our philanthropy. Our advisor made sure we were well taken care of throughout the whole night. He bought us pizza before the dinner started and offered us water throughout the night. After, we ate the leftover crab, pasta, and salad. It was delicious! At the end of the night, he couldn’t stop saying how proud he was. He truly is such a great advisor and is always there to cheer us on.


Valentine's Day with sisters. We went to go see a popular Mexican Band.

Valentine’s Day with sisters. We went to go see a popular Mexican Band.


First time eating crab. I actually liked it!

My line sister and I totally digging our bibs.

My line sister and I totally digging our bibs.

Alpha Pi Sigma Rush Week

The excitement of homecoming might be over but the excitement of rush week is around the corner for sorority. Rush week is the time were sororities and fraternities have various types of events to recruit new members such as; information nights and socials. In most cases, organizations rush around the same time but it varies depending on the organization. Even though rush week can be stressful its still fun. Every year we have a theme and this year’s theme is NFL and our slogan is “Drafting the best since 1990″.

As social chair, I’ve been planning a few socials with different fraternities and sororities. Our rush chair has planned information nights and events where the interests can get to know the sisters and more about what we do. We will rushing starting February 10-19th and I hope its a successful rush and get a good group of girls interested in our sorority. Below is the flyer of events: