On a previous post I mentioned how I love to dance; and I consider it a big part of my life. One of my favorite shows is So You Think You Can Dance, a show I’ve been following since season one. Throughout the seasons I’ve collected my fair share of  favorite routines. Routines that range from different styles; and captivate the art form of dance. These pieces show the expression of an emotion or story through movement.  I also like to browse around YouTube where I have found some really good pieces varying from different dance styles. Here are the links to some of them. Enjoy!

“Fix You” Robert and Allison (made me cry)

“Bleeding Love” Chelsea and Mark


“Get out of your mind” Alex and Twitch (Sick! Hip Hop routine)
“There’s something about a great piece of art. I believe its when the right dancers come together with the right choreographer, with the right piece of music at the right time and something magical happens and it moves you physically” – Cat Deeley
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  1. Thanks for posting the links; I must admit I havent really watched that show before but I must say I agree I like Alex and Twitch!

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