17th Annual Cesar Chavez Celebration

Thursday March 29 marked the 17th annual celebration of one of the most inspiring figures, Cesar Chavez. A day of rememberance for all the work he did. The evening consisted of Folklorico dancing, a keynote speaker, silent auction, and more. The main dining was surrounded by all the poster entries and paintings.

The evening started of with Los Falcones Folklorico group who gave a lively beautiful performance. After, Carolina Alfaro and Jose Diaz gave the welcome and read the Farmworker Prayer (a moving prayer written by Cesar Chavez). Next up was our keynote speaker Armando Elenes, National Vice President of the United Farm Workers. The night continued with more Folklorico dancing as the silent auction went on. Several great prices were donated by local businesses such as giftcards, paintings, gift baskets, wine, and more. Personally, I bid only $7 for a gift basket and I won! :) All the proceeds of the auction are going to the planning of next year’s event.

After the contest winners were recognized, proudly to say that two of Teatro LHDC’s members won the poster contest in their category. Loribeth Aguilar first place and Caren Pantoja second. Congratulations to them and what a good way to represent our club. The evening ended with a sing a long to “De colores” as we all got in a circle and held hands. A perfect ending to such a nice evening.

Overall, the event had a good turnout ranging from people from the community to college students from different organizations volunteering at the event. All of the committe’s hard work paid of through the success of this event.


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  1. Great Post! I was sad I couldn’t go out and see the event, although I was fortunate enough to see it happening as I was getting out of class on my way to work!

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