New Orleans, Here I come

After months of talking about it, this Tuesday is finally the day we leave to New Orleans. There is one thing left to do though, PACK which I’m not looking forward to. Somehow I need to make everything fit in one suitcase, that’s a challenge. Also, I’ve been practicing taking 4 minute showers. Were sharing 3 bathrooms with 22 people due to that shower time is limited. With my long hair it’s a challenge; but I’ve been timing myself and so far so good.

I’m looking forward to this trip for several reasons not only because I would be able to explore New Orleans but for the main purpose we are there for. ┬áVolunteering for such a great organization is great because as a group we have the opportunity to rebuild homes and make an impact in the area. I hope to come back with a new mindset and appreciation to different customs. I want to be able to experience the rich culture New Orleans has to offer.


This is it for now

Stay Tuned for more updates

When I come back I’ll share more :)