Valentine’s Weekend

Everyone has mixed feelings about Valentine’s day. ┬áSome hate it, love it, or really don’t care. I’ve never had a Valentine but I always enjoyed the holiday because at least I have friends to celebrate it. In elementary school, I loved it because we would have a small party and give our classmates Valentine cards. Now, that I’m older I miss those days but I celebrate it differently. This year my sorority sisters and I decided to make this day well worth it and decided to go to a concert. Banda el Recodo is a popular Mexican Band that has been around for years. I grew up listening to them so I was really excited. The concert was in Visalia. On our way we stopped in Fresno to eat and headed to the concert. By the end of the night I was tired of screaming, singing, and dancing.

The next day, we had a sorority fundraiser. Our advisor is involved in an organization and every year they host a crab feed to fundraise money for scholarships. Typically, we volunteer each year and everything we get for tips we get to keep and use for our philanthropy. Our advisor made sure we were well taken care of throughout the whole night. He bought us pizza before the dinner started and offered us water throughout the night. After, we ate the leftover crab, pasta, and salad. It was delicious! At the end of the night, he couldn’t stop saying how proud he was. He truly is such a great advisor and is always there to cheer us on.


Valentine's Day with sisters. We went to go see a popular Mexican Band.

Valentine’s Day with sisters. We went to go see a popular Mexican Band.


First time eating crab. I actually liked it!

My line sister and I totally digging our bibs.

My line sister and I totally digging our bibs.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Weekend

  1. Valentine’s Day is all about being with the one’s you love, and it sure does sound like you had an amazing and lovely time with your sisters! Good music and food doesn’t help either ;)

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