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Since my sophomore year in college I’ve been blessed with jobs on-campus and let me tell you they are the best types of jobs to have as a full-time student. I’ve worked in various departments on-campus throughout the last 3 and a half years. My first job was non-work-study in the Admissions and Outreach Department as a University Ambassador. It was a great job where I got the opportunity to learn so much about our beautiful campus. I was able to give campus tours and do early outreach events such as college fairs. This job helped me tremendously with my public speaking skills. Months after receiving that job, I was offered work-study and got hired in the Teacher Education Department. ┬áThis was beneficial because I got office experience within my field. I got to meet all the credential teachers and build a connection with them. Everyone was so nice and sweet since I was the only student assistant.

Finally, this past November, I decided to move on and take on a new job at the President’s Office. Its been a good change. I am learning different aspects of office work. I truly enjoy the working environment which makes me look forward to go to work.

Overall, if you get a chance to get an on-campus job, get it! There is many benefits, below are my top 3:

  1. Flexibility: All the supervisors I’ve had have been flexible with my school schedule. They understand I am a student and if I need to take time to study or finish something they’ll understand. If something comes up and I can’t come in the next day they are completely understanding.
  2. Weekends/ Holidays: You get weekends off since it goes by the school calendar unlike working outside campus where weekends might be the time you work the most.
  3. Networking: It helps you meet people from various walks of life who can guide you. You meet so many different professors and/or staff that can be you mentor and be willing to write you a recommendation letter.

3 thoughts on “On-Campus Jobs

  1. There is definitely some benefit from having an on campus job like convenience and flexibility. It definitely sounds like you’ve had a pretty good experience with jobs on campus, and a lot of fun learning new things and branching out.

  2. On campus jobs are all I’ve worked for in the past few years, and it definitely has SO many benefits compared to off campus jobs. Flexibility is, I think, the biggest perk. I love not working weekends while some friends of mine are stuck working until like 10:00pm on a Saturday. Sorry! (not sorry)

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