It’s that time of the semester again, Midterms! Not my favorite part of the semester. I feel like they sneak up on me not that long ago we started the semester but were almost halfway there (scary, it means graduation is closer). This past week I had two! Luckily, not on the same day. One on Tuesday for my history class. I wished I had studied more but regardless, I never feel ready for my test even if I study for weeks. I think I did decent but will see.

Thursday was my American Literature midterm. I had to catch up on a lot of reading and review all the other ones. My least favorite part was trying to memorize all the titles of the short stories and their authors. I think that’s what killed me in the test because I knew the content but at times I couldn’t remember the title or the author. Well, now its the waiting game to see my grade.

This coming Monday I have my British Literature Midterm so wish me luck! I hope I do well.


One thought on “Midterms

  1. I’m actually kinda lucky this semester because I don’t really have any “solid” midterms this semester, more like small exams and whatnot.

    I’ll take those over midterms any day! But good luck! You’ll do fine! :)

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