Women’s Leadership Forum

With three great ladies. My sorority sister, my supervisor Carrie, and my great friend Esther.

This past Friday I had the opportunity to attend the annual Women’s Leadership Forum. My supervisor Carrie ¬†invited me to go with her. This event is hosted by the College of Business with the purpose to empower women to become future leaders. We were provided with lunch and dessert. We were welcomed by the Dean of the College, Linda Nowak. After, President Joseph F. Sheley gave a short speech and the panel followed after. The panel consisted of four successful women who have held several high positions in different organizations such as; Gallo, Modesto Bee, and more. They were asked several questions followed by questions from the audience. One of the things that stood out to me was that they said most recent graduates won’t go straight into the field they want to. It took them several other paths in order to reach their end goal. This gave me a sense of comfort since I’m about to graduate and I’m unsure of what to do next. Also, I loved how one of the speakers said,¬†”Don’t be afraid of making a bad decision or taking a risk because you will learn from it.” I completely agree and will be having this as a constant reminder for my future.

One thought on “Women’s Leadership Forum

  1. It’s good to stress and worry a little; it means you care about whatever you’re working on or doing, whether it’s school, work, or personal things in your own life.

    And having a forum aimed at empowering women as our future leaders is something great to see at any college, but especially one located in the Central Valley.

    I’m glad you learned a lot.

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